Your Personalized California Bucket List

Hotels in California

The third largest state in the country and one of the longest continuous coastlines, the state of California is a treasure trove that can be experienced in any way you wish. Whether you want to explore the movie magic of LA or spend it relaxing at one of the Torrance massage places, there’s something for everyone in Los Angeles.

But if you’re a little stuck for inspiration for your California itinerary, the sheer vastness and diversity of the Golden State will no doubt draw out inspiration. This blog will explore some of the must-visit landmarks and attractions in the state of California, providing first time guests of California accommodation with a starting point for their unique journey through the state.

Balboa Park

Representing the cultural heart of San Diego, Balboa Park is the go to for any first time visitor to the city. Whether on a day trip from the Miyako Torranceor staying in California’s southernmost city for a few days, Balboa Park is a must for its abundance of art and history museums, iconic landmarks and activities. The most famous landmarks in Balboa Park include the San Diego Art Institute, Natural History Museum and Air & Space Museum.

California Beaches

The beauty of California is that whether you’re traveling along its coastline for a few kilometers or a few days, the landscape shifts dramatically from north to south. You can best see the contrasts by driving up – or down – the Pacific Coast Highway. From the wild cliff faces of Big Sur to the surf-friendly beaches of LA, the possibilities are near endless.

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

From the breakfast places in Torranceto the queues for Disneyland rides, you never know what celebrity you’ll bump into whilst wandering around Los Angeles. One way to connect with the movie magic history of the city is by touring the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, situated on Hollywood Boulevard. With many of the world’s most famous actors celebrated on the pavement here, the movie theaters on Hollywood Boulevard are the next stop for a true Hollywood experience.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree California is a prime example of Southern California’s magical desertscape. With the town of the same name associated with outsider artist Noah Purifoy, who has created a Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Art in the area. The desertscape itself is part of the Mojave and adds yet another layer to the diverse ecosystems of California as a whole.

Golden Gate Bridge

Moving down to San Francisco,  the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic suspension bridges in the world, and acts as the national symbol for San Francisco. Whether you end up crossing it or not, the bridge, connecting Marin County to the city of San Francisco, is 1.6 kilometers wide – or one mile. Other attractions in San Francisco that you must see during your visit include Alcatraz Island and Powell-Mason cable car routes.

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