Alternative Ways to Experience California

Your Guide To Romantic Getaways In Southern California

Ticking off the Golden State city by city is the done thing, guests of 3 star hotels in Californiacan find plenty of ways to enjoy the city or area they’re visiting just by browsing the leaflets in their hotel lobby. But with such a rich and layered history, anyone with the time should consider diving that little bit deeper than the tourist traps advertised. From the cultural and cinematic history of Los Angeles to the vineyards of Napa Valley, there are many sides to California.

Rather than following the maps to the stars during your stay at the Miyako hotel Torranceor sticking to Balboa Park on a visit to San Diego, there are many ways to trail your way across this nearly 424,000 square kilometer state. This blog will explore just some of the wonderful routes and themes you can use to journey through California in your own way.

California Desert Tour

California is home to three very distinct deserts. The ecologie of the Mojave, Colorado and Great Basin Deserts all have their own unique features and attractions. From the cactus-filled Coachella Valley of Colorado to Joshua Tree National Park bordering the cooler and elevated Mojave, embarking on a road trip along Route 395 out of Los Angeles will tour you through many of the desert terrains of the state.

Missions Of California

Thoguh you might not realise upon first visiting California, much of California was colonised by the Spanish between 1769 and 1834, in which time 21 unique missions were built. These run from between San Diego and Sonoma County, which is just above San Francisco. Following the route of all 21 of these missions will open up California accommodation guests to a unique period of frontier USA. The El Camina Real runs for more than 1000 kilometers and is definitely worth it for history buffs.

California Redwood Tour

There are more than 40 redwood forest parks in California, mostly situated along the coastline of Northern California where temperatures are a little milder. Stand out forests include the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the Muir Woods National State Monument, only about 20 kilometers north of San Francisco.

Surf Beach Road Trip

Following the coastline of southern California will not only grace your trip with beautiful weather, but also gift you with a set of stunning beaches that are primed for surfing. With plenty of spots located in LA, the area of Malibu and further up towards the San Francisco Bay have plenty of options too. Simply follow the southern stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

California Chinatowns

Guests of the Miyako Hybrid Hotel will already be aware of its mouthwatering Japanese restaurant in California on site, but for those who want to expand their understanding of Asian heritage in California, the state has around 20 Chinatowns alone across the state. That’s before we even get started on Torrance’s Koreatown and many Japanese influences on the state. An important reason for the Asian influence on the state is the continents sharing of the North Pacific Ocean, across which migration to America was popular throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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