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O amzws y U Hy

3.0 rating
July 22, 2020

I reached out several months ago about how explainer videos help and the unique issues they solve.
My team has created thousands of marketing videos including dozens in your field.
As you know, Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm. The only thing that has remained consistent is that adding an explainer video increases website rank and most importantly keeps customers on your page for longer, increasing conversions ratios.
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Should I send over some industry-specific samples?
— Sharon Jefferson
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Sharon Jefferson

Racist Hotel

2.0 rating
April 24, 2020

This hotel over charges and treats Blacks like they are not welcomed


misyemetlesty uheqo

3.0 rating
April 20, 2020

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Total Rip Off and Liars

1.0 rating
April 20, 2020

I stayed at the hotel for about 8 hrs max. (Just needed a layover hotel). The room was old but ok. However, 2 days later I notice and additional charge of $250 on my credit card. I called the hotel and they said that I was smoking in my room and that they have proof. I explained to them that I don’t smoke inside of hotels. I respect rules and never cross the line. I also asked them to send me proof as of this day I haven’t seen proof of nothing. I guess they needed extra money because it wasn’t but about 10 guest in the entire hotel. I will never stay at this type of establishment and I warn everyone that when you leave your hotel room ask for a walk through or take pictures. Shame on you


So disappointed and ashamed

1.0 rating
January 9, 2020

My sweetheart of a boyfriend wanted to do something unique to bring in the new year and Miyako Hybrid Hotel was the foundation in which he built his idea from.
Nice room, order in room service and late checkout.
The reason why staying at this hotel was so special to him for us to experience was because my name is Miyako however, I go by Miya.
Although, all that he did to make this experience special was received and wonderful, the experience with the hotel itself was horrible.
For it to be New Year’s Eve, the hotel seemed to be under staffed and the worse part of it all we were told there was no food other than fried eggs available for room service.
Seriously, I tell no lie.
We called to order room service and there was no answer, we figured ok it might be busy, it is new years so let’s wait to call again. After an half an hour we call back but no answer so we called the front desk. We were told by front desk that they will have someone call our room.
After nearly a hour and a half we called back and then they gave us a call.
We were asked not in the most pleasant way however asked what would we like to order (this is where the experience officially became unbelievable) ordering off the menu, my sweetheart stated may we have xyz, he was then told that they don’t have that. Ok, my sweetheart then stated, may we have ABC, he was then told sorry we’re don’t have that, all we have available if you want it is fried egg.
Seriously, we were told that we could not order anything on the menu because all they had was fried egg.
So, we’re starving at this point now having to not rest and enjoy room service but having to get up to leave so we can go eat, knowing everywhere is going to be not only crowded but also a ridiculous wait. Which was exactly what happened. Everywhere had a ridiculous wait and was crowded.
Check this out…As my sweetheart and I are checking out the front desk lady says hope you enjoyed your stay here, I stated actually I can’t say I did. She asked why and as I started to explain she interrupted and said yeah I’m the one who gave your message to dining, were you able to order. I looked at her confused as to why she would have thought we ordered, did she not get the memo that there was no food.
I shared with her that there was no food here to order food and she looked at me puzzled like there was food and who told us that however did not even tried to accommodate the situation and was like oh well, thanks for staying at Miyako Hybrid Hotel.
When I asked if there was someone we can talk to about this smh she looked at me and stated maybe you can call later.
Wow right, my sweetheart took hold of my hand and gave me the comfort of babe it’s ok let’s just go find somewhere to eat.
This is not right I thought to myself, he put so much thought and effort to have this be special only for it to be ruined and I know it isn’t about the money but hey this place wasn’t cheap.
The valet brings us our car and my sweetheart asked hey do you know any place around here good to eat and the darn valet looks at us puzzled and then said why not eat here, I swear I almost wanted to cry because now I’m feeling like it was just us not having this service available to us because why would the valet say that.
My sweetheart stated that there wasn’t food available and the valet stated WHAT, HOW NOT as though he just ate or something.
Never been so disappointed in sharing my name
And yes my sweetheart is African American in case anyone is wondering the race here and I’ll end on that.

Miyako Whitsett