4 Beaches You Have to Visit Along the Pacific Coast Highway

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

California’s Pacific Coast Highway runs for more than a thousand kilometers down the spine of its coastline. From San Diego to Sacramento and even into neighboring Oregon, the highway offers pit stops across many of the state’s most iconic cities and most beautiful nature reserves. With California coastline hotels like the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance promising luxury accommodation along the way, one of California’s standout features is its diverse range of beaches.

Whether embarking on a day trip from the Miyako Hybrid breakfast hotelor planning a longer journey along the coastline of California, there are many beaches along the Pacific Coast Highway – or Route 1 – that are must-visits for their natural beauty, history and tourist activities.

Venice Beach

Starting with the urban, Venice Beach is a popular LA district full of bohemian eateries, hip shopping destinations and of course, a coastline that evokes what most people would think of as the epitome of Los Angeles beach scenes. Venice Beach boasts an iconic skatepark with its roots in the very foundations of skateboarding, as well as plenty of great surf spots – the perfect place for guests of hotels with the best restaurants in Torranceto get a feel for the LA scene.

Santa Monica Beach

Much like Venice Beach, Santa Monica is a city coast hub but has a little more touristy feel than Venice does. Founded by the Spanish in the 18th century, there’s plenty of history along the palm lined shores, but Santa Monica Beach is most notably home to its titular pier and Pacific Park amusement arcade, a staple landmark of the city.

Big Sur

Moving out of the cities now, Big Sur is one of the best examples of California’s natural beauty. Situated on the central Californian stretch of coastline between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Big Sur is a wild, cliff marked coastline that can be as dramatic as it is tranquil – perfect for a date during your stay at Torrance honeymoon suitesthen. With only a few hundred residents in the area and a reservation policy protecting its landscape and ecosystem, Big Sur encapsulates the fertility and diversity of Californian nature. Standout beaches in this area include Pfeiffer State Beach, home to vast canyons, large surf and crystal blue water.

Carmel City Beach

Carmel City Beach is situated just north of Big Sur, with a nature reserve and park that boast beautiful wildflowers and a protected ecosystem that includes the Carmel Pinnacles State Marine Reserve and Point Lobos. Carmel City is a far cry from LA’s high rises, consisting of quaint and modest timber framed houses and independent shops. These have their roots all the way back in the 18th century Spanish colonies that were set up here under Mission San Carlos Borromeo. The beach itself is a bay-shaped sprawl of sand that makes for a quieter and wholly family friendly beach trip. Furthermore, it’s famed for being a great sunbathing spot on account of the milder temperatures compared to

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