Best Beaches to Visit in California

Beaches in California

California: the sunshine state, home to some of the most vibrant cities and the most beautiful beaches. As one of the top destinations for a US vacation, not only is California tied up in its celebrity culture, but it also stretches right up to San Francisco, past the rocky shores of Ragged Point, the quaint village setting of Carmel-by-the-sea, and the surfer’s paradise a short drive from the Miyako Hotel Torrance.

Without further ado, this blog introduces a handful of the best beaches in California – exploring the well known spots and the idyllic havens that lay off the beaten track.

First up, McWay Cove on the coastline off Big Sur.

McWay Cove

Easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of California, this gem is one which is well worth working into your itinerary as you travel from North to South California – marking a central spot between the airports of San Francisco and the spas in Torrance.

McWay Cove boasts exquisite blue oceans and a rocky shoreline which is lined with trees – creating a kind of immersive natural haven which connects the beach with the national park surrounding its location. A great spot for relaxing – if you can manage to beat the crowds and plan your trip around the most popular tourist visiting hours.

Leo Carillo Beach

Another beach which combines its sandy shoreline with rocky shores lined with trees and plants, those first few steps onto the Leo Carillo beach will take your breath away – for all the right reasons.

Just outside of Santa Monica, this beach is located towards the south of California and boasts such a vast expanse of sand and sea that it’s the perfect beach for families heading to nearby Disneyland.

Newport Beach

This beach epitomizes California’s status as the land of movie magic, with endless films and TV shows being filmed in and around this particular beach and its pier. As such, there is never a dull day out at Newport Beach, which lies just south of Anaheim near LA and which boasts an unrivalled harbour with local artists and creatives, cafes and diners, and more.

Venice Beach

Unarguably one of the most famous beaches in California, Venice Beach is surrounded by local attractions and things for tourists and locals alike to get involved in – making it the perfect day trip from the Miyako Hybrid hotel.

With the oceanfront boardwalk presenting a great path to stroll, lined with market stalls and foodie stops for all tastes and preferences, Venice Beach combines seaside fun with activities and things to see and do for everyone in your travel group.

Ocean & Baker Beach

Heading back up to the North of the state, Ocean & Baker beach presents one of the best views of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge that you could possibly wish or ask for. The bridge sitting front and centre in your surrounding view makes this one of the most spectacular beaches for watching the sunset after a day in the city – though given its proximity to the city and the strong tidal currents this is probably not the best option for keen swimmers!

Looking for a beach stop mid-route on your Californian road trip? Perhaps you’re planning a full beach vacation? Whatever your plans, California brings the sun, sand, sea, and more.

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