A Complete Guide to Train Travel in California

Train Travel Guide

Who here hasn’t fantasized about a Californian road trip at least once in their life? With the diverse landscape giving way to coastline on one side and national parks on the other, and with desert views interspersed by vineyards and luxury hotels and resorts serving locals and tourists alike, California is a haven of experiences and attractions.

But planning a road trip through California brings its challenges – from the cost of running a vehicle, to the environment cost, and the fact that if you’re behind the wheel you miss out on some of the spectacular views and experiences. Which is where trains come in – connecting the airports in San Francisco with the hotels in Torrance Ca right down at the bottom end of the state.

Which trains offer the best and most convenient service and experience? That’s what this blog is designed to uncover.

Metrolink trainline

The ultimate train to get familiar with if you’re looking for inner city convenience, and the kind of line which will provide you with quick access between your hotel and other attractions, the Metrolink operates on a small scale and connects the main towns and cities to the south of California.

With weekend and day passes available for unlimited travel, the Metrolink is as suitable for tourists as it is for locals and commuters – offering a Miyako express line between the hotel site and its surrounding amenities.

Napa Valley Wine Train

It’s time to balance the practical with the fun and experiential – and what better way to do that than with the Napa Valley wine train. Designed as an attraction for visitors and tourists in and around the Napa Valley, the wine train is made of old and refurbished coaches from the 20th century – pairing the gentle ride with gourmet cuisine and some of the best wine from the California region.

This is a train ride which is very much about the journey rather than the destination – with visitors enjoying the chance to soak up both information about and the flavor of different local wines.


If the Metrolink serves the south, then the Caltrain line is very much focussed on the north of the state – acting largely as a commuter train for San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Carrying commuters from central San Francisco out to the tech-heavy Silicon Valley, this isn’t really one that tourists will have much experience of – though it is worth knowing about in case you want to visit any of the more industrial parts of California.

Amtrak San Joaquins

A transport network which connects much of California, the Amtrak line is what you will use if you want to get from the Miyako Hotel Torrance to one of California’s national parks, beaches, or other tourist attractions. It is supplemented in different directions by local bus connections and networks, with over 365 miles of train track and 135 different destinations and stations from which to kickstart your next daytrip or adventure.

Ready to travel? California’s public transport network has your back!

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