Facts about Disneyland in California

Disneyland In California

Situated in Anaheim just outside of Los Angeles in California, Disneyland Park draw visitors from all over the world to its two parks – the first the original Disneyland with a Magic Kingdom-esque focus, while the second is called Disney California Adventure Park and is designed to expand the experience and cater to a broader crowd.

Renowned by Disney fans as the very first and original Disneyland Park, and the only one opened and visited by Walt Disney himself, California’s Disney Park is a must-see on the bucket list of animation lovers. And, with the Miyako Hybrid Hotel well situated between the theme park and the Californian coastline, it’s accessible and make for the perfect day trip during your Californian adventure.

Here are some facts you might not know about Disneyland Park in California, which makes it all the more exciting to visit.

1.      Disney’s favourite ride was the carousel

Walt Disney’s self-confessed favourite ride in the park was the carousel, with both him and his wife choosing a horse that they would ride on every visit.

Opened in July in 1955, Disneyland in California is the only Disney park that the man himself ever saw, with the Adventure Park next door not opening until 2001, and the Florida theme park not completing until after Disney’s death. This makes California and its surrounded attractions and spas in Torrance and Anaheim particularly popular with those looking to combine their fun experience with some history.

2.      A light is left on all day and night for Walt Disney

As you walk down Main Street towards the castle, you might notice a light on in one of the windows upstairs, above the lines of cafes and shops. Well, this remains a functional apartment which was once used by Walt Disney himself. The light is now left on at all times to symbolise his presence throughout the park.

3.      Pirates of the Caribbean was based on the ride

A little known fact about Disneyland is that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride actually inspired and influenced the creation of the well-known movie starring Johnny Depp. Most people believe that the ride was based on the movie, however in reality it is the other way around.

4.      Disney staff members are called cast members

There are so many fun and unbelievable facts about Disney’s team of workers, the first being that they are called cast members rather than workers.

Another fun fact about cast members is the extent of training that they go through, and the rigorous rules that they must follow. One of these is known as the ‘no sad kids’ rule and enables cast members to give free treats and ice creams to upset children, to maintain the perfect experience for all.

And then there’s the codes that Disney cast members used over the radio to denote different incidents – one of the most interesting being a ‘Code V’, meaning that someone has thrown up on a ride.

Interesting, right? If you’re booking a stay at the Miyako Hotel Torrance, Disneyland Park in California is close enough for a day trip and presents the perfect excuse to act like a kid during your vacation. 

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