Most Popular Shopping Streets in California

Shopping Streets California

California is known for a few different things, including theme parks, beaches, and of course shopping. Retail therapy is part and parcel of the California experience, with a number of popular shopping streets offering everything from high street bargains to designer gear, tourist souvenirs, and more.

Accessible via the Miyako express, by taxi cab or public transport, these are some of the most popular spots to go for shopping in California.

Rodeo Drive

Barely needing an introduction, Rodeo Drive is synonymous with the high end designer gear worn by those who call Beverly Hills home. Lined with all the top luxury fashion brands and some boutique stores which will empty your wallet faster than you can keep up, Rodeo Drive features shops for the elite – and is one of the most likely places to spot celebrities and A-listers out and about.

It is worth noting that as well as its luxury and high end shops, Rodeo Drive also has a Walk of Style which is similar to the Walk of Fame but with plaques commemorating fashion icons and stylists.

Union Street

Heading up to the other end of the state, Union Street in San Francisco is another destination which is just as famous for its location as it is for the shops that line the streets – with plenty of movies and TV shows being filmed in and around Union Street. At night, this street takes on a new lease of life with pubs and bars spilling out onto the street.

Third Street Promenade

Situated in Santa Monica just north of the main hotels in Torrance Ca, Third Street Promenade is an entertainment complex which combines its mall with dining and other amusement facilities and arcades – offering something for the whole family to enjoy. With easy access to both the Santa Monica coastline and pier, and downtown LA, Third Street Promenade offers a more accessible shopping experience than the likes of Rodeo Drive, making it a better option for tourists seeking souvenirs and other goods.

Hollywood Boulevard

Marking a return to the elite corners of California, Hollywood Boulevard is home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame – an attraction which immediately makes this more than a simple shopping destination, drawing visitors from the Miyako hotel Torrance and even further afield.

The stars which are set into the pavement with handprints from some of the best known people in Hollywood, line the storefronts of both high street and boutique names – alongside tons of eateries and restaurants, bars and souvenir stores.

Interestingly, Hollywood Boulevard was once called Prospect Avenue – however, this changed in 1910 when LA and movie culture became rooted in the Hollywood setting, and the street became the central hub of the movie elite.

Shopping in California: cheap or expensive?

If you’re looking for a souvenir in California then we recommend avoiding concession stands where you will be charged well above the average price for classic tourist clobber, I Heart LA t-shirts, and more. Instead, buy souvenirs from larger stores and visit these high streets for the experience (and the chance to see a celebrity or two out in the wild!)

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