Travel Tips for LA First Time Visitors

Los Angeles City View California

LA is one of the most diverse cities in California, not least in terms of the many cultures and communities who come together in the inner city and surrounding towns, but also with regards to the plethora of experiences available to tourists and visitors.

From the vast hotels in Torrance Ca to the mansions in Beverly Hills, the family-friendly resorts near Disneyland Park and the coastal retreats just outside of central LA, this is a place where people from all over the world come together to share experiences.

To help you plan your trip to LA, we’ve compiled a list of travel tips that every first time visitor might need when they touch down in LA.

Prepare for varied weather

LA is almost always sunny – in fact, this is something that LA and California as a whole is famous for. However, while daytime temperatures make everyday t-shirt weather, the evenings can get chilly meaning that you should pack a series of layers to keep you warm and comfortable day and night.

Malibu is just one of the many beaches in LA

Los Angeles as a county boasts over 70 miles of coastline, with a selection of beaches ranging from Malibu beach and Little Venice to that overlooked by the Miyako Hotel restaurant to the south.

The fact that Malibu is so famous tends to mean that it is the most visited in terms of travellers and tourists, while heading a little away from this central hotspot could grant you a much more peaceful seaside experience.

We talk about central LA… but it doesn’t really exist

Whenever someone refers to central LA, they could be talking about any part of the county. Why? Because LA has no defined centre and is rather made up of a collection of different parts and components which range from the coast to Hollywood Boulevard, Downton LA, and beyond.

There are plenty of ways to travel

LA is bigger than most visitors realize when they first arrive in California. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire a car or pay for taxis to get around. There are plenty of different modes of transport available for travellers, including car hire as well as bike rental and the Metro line which connects all the different cities within LA together.

And of course, when it comes to some experiences in LA, you won’t want any transport at all but will rather be happy to explore on foot – with some of the main stopping points including the Hollywood sign hike, the Boardwalk on Venice Beach, and the Walk of Fame.

Hotels for all occasions

Finally, what better place to round off our travel advice than with a little note about hotels. When it comes to LA travel, there really are hotels for all occasions and all budgets – ranging from the high end to the affordable, and from 5 star facilities to motels and more.

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel is one such destination located close enough to LA’s top attractions that you can experience them with ease, but not so close that prices skyrocket. Alternatively, explore the other nearby cities between Anaheim and the coast for some great deals.

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