Must Visit Places in California in 2023

Golden Gate Bridge California

California is a vast state which offers much more than the beaches and boardwalks that everyone pictures when they think about a vacation in California. Home to some of the largest national parks and forests, with more than 12,000 individual hiking trails and 280 state parks all contained within the state, there’s more to see and do in California than you could ever hope to tick off in one trip.

And while the endless options are very much a cause for excitement among tourists and travellers, planning your trip can be quite overwhelming with so many things to do and hotels in Torrance Ca and beyond to stay in.

Which is why we’ve created this short guide of everything we think you should do, and all the places you should visit, in California in 2023.

Yosemite National Park (and its surrounding towns)

What Californian guide would be complete without Yosemite National Park? Not only does the park itself boast some of the most unique and memorable landscapes in the whole of California, but its surrounding towns and villages present an opportunity to really experience a taste of the past.

Groveland, one local town outside of the national park, boasts an annual chilli festival – with others combining community events with swing door bars and the kinds of scenery you might expect to see in an olden time Western movie. All of this at the end of a long day hiking through the national park… what better way to kickstart your Californian adventure!

Ragged Point

Opening out onto one of the most aggressive cliff faces on the Californian coastline, Ragged Point is known for its incredible views – and offers tourists an opportunity to see sea lions, otters, and other wildlife on its beaches and from the clifftop. Ragged Point is home to some great luxury hotels, as well as some of the best seafood restaurants outside of the Miyako Hybrid Hotel down in Torrance.


A city in the Monterey county of California, Carmel is one of the most picturesque stopping points on a road trip from San Francisco down toward Los Angeles – combining its colourful houses and picture book setting with the natural scenery and the artistic community which renders this one of the most unique places to spend a day or two. While many who stop here like to take pictures of the setting and the architecture, others revel in the inclusive community vibe and the gorgeous beaches lined with trees.

Santa Monica

Home to the famous Santa Monica pier, and a stone’s throw from some of the best hotels and eateries such as the Miyako hotel and restaurant in nearby Torrance, Santa Monica is a vacationers paradise – and is a great destination at the end of a road trip from San Francisco down the coast of California.

Alternatively, if you decide to do a road trip in reverse, San Francisco is packed full of attractions and experiences from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz and other once in a lifetime stopping points.

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