A Must Do List When Visiting LA

Visiting Los Angeles

The sprawling metropolis of the ‘City of Angels’ is full of sights that you need to explore at least once in your life. The largest city in California and the second largest one in the US, Los Angeles is seriously big. As you explore this vast and vibrant city, you’ll come across the palm tree-lined streets, star sightings and an eclectic vibe that is sure to leave you flattered. Make the most of your LA trip and book yourself a stay at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel which is one of the best Japanese culture-inspired hotels near Torrance CA, promising a luxurious experience. Hit the road and explore the beautiful LA outdoors as you take a hike to vintage Hollywood, enjoy a picnic in Griffith Park and witness the starry sky at the Griffith Observatory.

Explore Hollywood

A trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without a visit to the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Tinseltown and explore the sights that you have seen on the silver screen in real-time. With over 50 million visitors each year, it is given to start your LA trip with a hike to the famous Hollywood sign, explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the outstanding exteriors of the legendary TCL Chinese theatre and have the time of your life, in Hollywood style.

Pay a visit to Santa Monica Pier and Beach

Located West of Downtown LA, Santa Monica Beach is the perfect South California State beach that you only get to see in the movies. This 3.5-mile-long beach has bike trails for you to explore the city along with soft and sandy shores for a relaxing sunny day out by the waters that you can enjoy with friends and family. Right in the center of the beach and extending Colorado Boulevard is the Santa Monica Pier featuring an aquarium, amusement park, ferris wheel and several popular restaurants and eateries. Make the most of your stay and conclude an uplifting Santa Monica beach day with a rejuvenating Miyako Hotel Torrance spa.

Walk and explore the Venice Beach Boardwalk

At a short distance from Santa Monica is the Venice Beach Boardwalk, which happens to be one of the best people-watching spots in LA with an eclectic atmosphere that you’ll love being a part of. If it is peace and quiet that you are looking for, take a tranquil stroll along the canals that pay homage to the people of Venice, Italy. For those planning a fun-filled day, just pursue the souvenir kiosks at the Venice Beach Boardwalk and check out the open-air gym, skaters grinding the skatepark pavement and savor a dinner bursting with flavors at an authentic Japanese restaurant in your Torrance accommodation.

Enjoy majestic views from the Griffith Observatory

If it is the gorgeous view of the LA skyline that you are on the lookout for or the beautiful ocean and mountains, head up to the world-renowned Griffith Observatory on a clear day and get stellar views of the city from the top. In fact, this iconic observatory in Griffith Park is known to be a ‘gateway to the cosmos’ and has been featured in films like Ryan Gosling’s La La Land and Rebel Without a Cause.

A quick tip: It’s best to visit this observatory at the time of sunset and don’t forget to explore the observatory’s one-of-a-kind planetarium with free-to-use telescopes.

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