Why Torrance, LA Should Be Your Next California Vacation

Why Torrance, LA Should Be Your Next California Vacation

California has a wide, expansive selection of versatile landscapes, stunning national parks and world famous cities. So why should a small beach city in the southwest of Los Angeles and its California hotel offers be top of your list of vacation destinations?

Whether you’re visiting with friends or family, the many tourist attractions, coastal preserves and cultural landmarks in Torrance provide a wealth of vacation opportunities and dayfillers. This blog will outline some of the reasons why Torrance, a southwestern community of Los Angeles county, is well worth a visit.

A Little Insight Into Torrance

Torrance is situated on what was once the homeland of the Tongva Native tribe and was established in the 1920s from colonial Spanish ranches. If that wasn’t enough regarding Torrance’s diversity, the area has also become a business hub for Japanese and Korean businesses due to the area being a popular place for Asian emigres to settle in California throughout the post-war and post-Korean War eras. With 2 and a half kilometers of beach and 30 parks, it’s unsurprising that so many people chose Torrance as their home!

Hotels Of Torrance

Hotels Of Torrance

Now onto the tourist tick list. There’s no point choosing Torrance as a tourist destination if there’s nowhere to stay, but thankfully the beach city has an abundance of hotels to relax and unwind at, not least the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance, a Japanese infused luxury hotel that offers everything from spas to Asian cuisine. 

Tranquil Beaches

Tranquil Beaches

With Redondo, Hermosa, Palos Verdes and of course, Torrance Beach, the miles of coastline surrounding the Torrance area makes for more tranquil beach days out. Whether you’re here to surf, hike or simply sunbathe after a trip to one of the many Torrance spas, the scenic coast of Torrance is perfect for families, friends or solo days out.

Rich History , Accessible To Tourists

As mentioned above, the area of Torrance has a lot of history beneath its surface. Indeed, it is one of the areas that were first established by European settlers in the south of California. You can learn all about the history of Torrance at a number of different cultural institutions and museums in the beach city including the Redondo Beach Historical Museum, the Torrance Historical Society and the Torrance Art Museum.

Dive Into Asian Cuisine

The influence of Asian culture is not only prevalent in the Honda Car Museum and many American headquarters for Asian businesses, but in its cuisine. The Miyako Hybrid Hotels Ise Shima restaurant is just one of many Asian eateries in Torrance, and the foodie culture of the area is further cemented in the Foodie Space museum, not just for Japanese cuisine but many nationalities. 

International food markets and the restaurant scene then, are one of the most prominent attractions in Torrance for locals and tourists alike. Make sure to check out international grocery and ingredient stores in Torrance including the British Connection, Giulianos Italian Deli, the Alpine Village Store and the Mitsuwa Marketplace.

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