How To Maximize Your Time At Universal Studios Hollywood

How To Maximize Your Time At Universal Studios Hollywood

The city of Los Angeles has many family friendly attractions. From Hollywood to the Santa Monica Mountains, guests of hotels near the beach in California will be well placed to enjoy many of its attractions. For cinephiles though, there is one type of attraction that will draw the eye more than others – that is the city’s many theme parks.

From surf schools to sushi restaurants in Torrance, the many attractions of Los Angeles can be rather overshadowed by the theme parks of the city, not least the top ranking Universal Studios. This theme park is situated on and around a working film studio and offers visitors the chance to not only explore some of their favorite Universal Studios affiliated movies, but learn about the process of filmmaking. It goes without saying then, that Universal Studios is an incredibly popular attraction, especially in the summer months. 

This blog will explore some of the ways that guests of hotels near Redondo Beach can beat the crowds and enjoy the summer attractions of this esteemed theme park. 

Off-Season Visits

If you’re planning to visit Universal Studios and want to make the most out of the day, consider visiting outside of school holiday seasons. This will mean that the crowds are likely smaller and the queues shorter. Whilst this tactic isn’t always possible for Los Angeles vacationers, it’s a simple way to cut down your waiting times.

Book In Advance

Book In Advance

To avoid queueing at the box office upon arrival, buy your tickets in advance. Advanced tickets can be a lot cheaper too, especially if you find deals and discounts, many of which are sometimes linked to Los Angeles accommodation like the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance.

Arrive Before It Opens

Not only will this practical tip mean you beat large queues at the entrance, but it will optimize your chances of finding a good parking space. The capacity for Universal Studios Hollywood is 21,000 people. That means there’s a large parking lot around the park that can add considerable walking distance.

Benefits Of The Universal Express

The Universal Express is a pass that provides you with one-time priority access to every ride. In short, you can skip the queue of each ride once, saving you time and maximizing your enjoyment of the park. This pass is especially useful around holiday time when students, families and other vacationers are more likely to visit the park. Express passes can change in price depending on the demand for them and it’s worth keeping in mind that there are only a limited number available every day. This means that even though you can buy your Express pass upon entry into the park, you’ll be much better off buying one in advance.

Strategise Lunchtime

Strategise Lunchtime

Universal Studios has a huge food stall and restaurant scene. From snacks to sit down meals, the popular food courts of Universal Studios can get rather crowded between midday and 2 pm. Consider planning ahead if you want to eat, and go for an early or late lunch, thus skipping the queues that can form around this time. 

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