Six Activities For Vacationers In Torrance, LA

Cuisine For All Tastes

Los Angeles is teeming with tourist attractions. Its downtown area’s coastline and strip offer museums, amusement parks and some of the best nightlife in the US, whilst Hollywood need not even be mentioned on account of its thriving tourist industry. So what would draw visitors to the largest city in California all the way out to a quaint beach community in the northwest of the county? 

The answer lies in the depth and richness of Torrance, a beach city nestled behind the hills of the Palos Verdes Ranch. With quieter beaches, surfing hotspots, historic museums and cultural landmarks, Torrance and Redondo Beach gift guests of the Miyako Hotel Torrance CA with more days out than you might first think. Here are some of the standout activities and attractions that vacationers can enjoy during their visit. 

Whizz Down The Strand On The Torrance Bike Trail

Running for 22 miles along the Torrance Beach coastline, this bike trail is an active and invigorating whistle stop tour of the Los Angeles county coast. Taking you along Torrance’s tranquil coastline all the way past Will Rogers State Beach in the Malibu area, you’ll certainly work up a sweat. That’s no bother though, the Torrance Bike Trail is equipped with a wealth of classic LA cafes and eateries for you to take abreather at along the way.

Dive Deep Into Asian-American Culture

Whether it be the Honda Museum, the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Restaurant Ise Shima or the Mitsuwa Marketplace, Torrance has a rich and deep relationship with Asian culture. Thanks to years of integration following the Second World and Korean Wars, northwest Los Angeles is a hotspot for Asian cuisine, culture and history. 

Relax At Tranquil Spas

Relax At Tranquil Spas

It’s not just the beaches that will ease the tension, but the many Torrance massage places and spas situated across the beach city. As an area of LA county a little further out from the downtown and Hollywood areas, Torrance and Redondo Beach’s picturesque coastlines are a hotspot for celebrities looking to get away from it all. There are plenty of saunas, jacuzzis and hot tubs that you can book and relax at during your Torrance vacation. 

Open Your Mind With Art

Torrance is home to a wealth of art museums to rival those of West Los Angeles and Hollywood. Not only can tourists enjoy the fine art of the Torrance Art Museum but Asian decorative artifacts and artwork at the Chen Art Gallery, a Los Angeles hub for Chinese works. 

Cuisine For All Tastes

Cuisine For All Tastes

Not only is Asian cuisine and the Japanese restaurants Torrance a must-try in the city, but the many international food markets and event spaces make for foodie heaven as well. This international hub of European ingredients and foodstuffs promise a truly gut busting day out for those who vacation with good food as a priority. The area is even home to the Foodie Space, a museum dedicated to installations and exhibits focused on food, cooking and health. All in all then, Torrance is a Californian hub for tastes from across the world. 

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