Best Waterparks In Los Angeles

Best Waterparks In Los Angeles

Most tourists staying at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel will identify Los Angeles and Hollywood with more prominent theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. However, thanks to Southern California’s reliably hot weather, the waterpark scene is just as vibrant as the city’s more famous attractions. 

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles to enjoy the museums and restaurants in California or to enjoy the sights and sounds with young children, there’s nothing quite like a water park to both cool down and liven up your day. Across this sprawling city, you’ll find plenty to choose from. 

From the adrenaline fuelled and family friendly to the boutique hotel suites near Disneyland and other theme parks, waterparks needn’t be just for the kids. This blog will explore some of the best in the city and what kind of experience they cater to. 

Knott’s Soak City

Located beside one of the oldest theme parks in the USA, Knott’s Soak City is one of Los Angeles most popular water parks. With its medley of speed, tube and body slides, the 23 rides of Kott’s Soak City ensures that there’s a slide for all age ranges. With its nearby theme park Knott’s Berry Farm located beside it, you can even make a weekend trip out of Knott’s Soak City and the many hotels near Torrance CA.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Another wildly popular LA based waterpark in the Valencia district, Hurricane Harbor is run by the same company as Magic Mountain, one of the most adrenaline fuelled theme parks in LA. You can expect a similar level for thrill-seekers with an extra dash of splash at Hurricane Harbor, which incorporates a 7000 square foot lagoon with lazy rivers, high speed slides and wave machines, making it a great time for all ages.

Raging Waters

The largest waterpark in Los Angeles, Raging Waters spans 60 acres of San Dimas where it has over 50 slides and rides including a hydromagnetic water coaster. This one’s especially exciting for fans of high octane splash action and adrenaline junkies, though there are many milder options for young children as well.

Legoland Waterpark

Though it may be a  little way out of Los Angeles in the Carlsbad District, Legoland’s Waterpark has just as much charm as its landlubbing older brother. In true lego fashion, you can build your own raft and show it off at Surfer’s Lagoon. whilst the many slides cater to all ages, there’s an especially fun under 6 play area made of DUPLO named Splash And Spray, hours of safe fun for the kids so the adults can get building. 

Great Wolf Lodge

Though the sun’s always shining in Los Angeles, this indoor waterpark is well worth a visit. Located in Garden Grove, Great Wolf Lodge has 15 slides and play areas and spans a whopping 105,000 square feet. If you’re missing your dose of vitamin D, there’s also a spacious outdoor pool with sun loungers connected to the water park.

The Wave Waterpark

Located in the Vista district south of Los Angeles, Wave Waterpark is also home to dining facilities and laidback rides perfect for families.

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