Best Places To Learn About Hollywood And The Film Industry

Best Places To Learn About Hollywood And The Film Industry

Hollywood is a city teeming with culture. From the historic Spanish settler period to the birth of sports like skateboarding, California in general represents frontiers in human development over thousands of years. One such development is in the film sector, one of the most prominent industries in Los Angeles and one that a large proportion of business travelers utilizing California hotel offers are visiting the city for.

Whilst people who work in the industry are probably here for general meetings, writers rooms or production work, tourists needn’t feel like they’re cut off from the world of cinema and television. There are plenty of ways for first time visitors in the city to learn about movie making without being in the industry, and Hollywood is only the start. With films and shows such as Scarface, Jackie Brown and Buffy The Vampire Slayer having been filmed in and around the Redondo Beach area, there are plenty of film tours and attractions in Torrance that could be the icing on the cake for a cinephile staying in this Beach City district of Los Angeles. 

This blog will showcase some of the best museums, tours and attractions for visitors to LA looking to learn more about the American film industry and its history in the city. 

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Just a 25 minute drive from the Miyako Hotel Torrance, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures doesn’t just cover American filmmaking, but that of international auteurs and directors as well. The AMMP on Miracle Mile offers unique insight into the history and cultural relevance of filmmaking throughout the ages, as well as in depth overviews of techniques, philosophies of artists such as Pedro Almodovar and Hayao Miyazaki.

Hollywood Museum

If it’s specifically Hollywood that you’re planning on exploring during your stay at Japanese Hotels in Torrance, then the Hollywood Museum on Highland Avenue is an easy to reach and very popular option. Located within the famous Max Factor Building, an attraction in and of itself thanks to the revolutionary makeup artist, the Hollywood Museum exhibits and contains over 11000 Hollywood items that include film set photos, scripts, stop motion figures and props from the world of Hollywood.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour not only provides insight into the lots and sets used by Warner Brother film productions, but provides access to once in a lifetime activities such as enjoying a sit down on Central Perk’s famed Friends sofa, riding a broomstick in a Harry Potter quidditch game and exploring and playing with the sound stage of a real studio. Spanning 3 hours in total, this is one of the most expansive studio tours in LA.

Movie Ranch Tours 

With a variety located in and around Los Angeles, the Movie Ranch Tour selection is unprecedented in their access to historic sites and age-old movie sets. The Movie ranch tour provided by American Riviera lasts about 6 hours and takes you from the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio to the Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch, rarely opened to the general public.

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