Los Angeles Nightclubs You Shouldn’t Miss

Los Angeles Nightclubs You Shouldn’t Miss

The many romantic hotel packages of Los Angeles are never complete without a night out on the town and it’s impossible for a city like LA, so full of glitz and glamor to be devoid of great nights out. The diverse districts of Los Angeles are teeming with great nights out, whether you’re into live music or DJs and dance. 

Whilst Hollywood has many of the best clubs in the city, it’s not the only district in Los Angeles to champion unforgettable evenings. From North Hollywood to Silver Lake and beyond, the city of Los Angeles is perfect for guests at hotels in Torrance California who want to sample the hedonistic side of the city. 

This blog will explore some of the city’s best nightclubs and how each of them adds a fresh take on clubbing in the city. Whether you’re staying at Los Angeles romantic hotels or renting apartments with friends, there’s a clubbing experience to suit you in LA.


Situated on the bustling Glendale Boulevard, Echoplex is a prime spot for diverse music tastes including reggae, hip hop and indie music. Of special note is the Wednesday Dub Club, a popular night showcasing the best and up and coming afrobeat and cumbia. Split over two floors, the upstairs stage – named Echo – hosts live music and local bands, whilst also stocking a great beer and snack menu.

Club Tempo

An LGBTQ club on Santa Monica Boulevard, Club Tempo hosts not only great club nights across 2 floors, but drag shows, cabaret and live bands as well. With 80s’ style interiors and a LAtin cowboy theme across its floors, this extravagant and vibrant venue is open to all and offers up cheese, high camp and dance favorites over its various club nights. 

The Mayan

Situated on Hill Street, this Mayan designed and inspired mega club is a must visit for techno lovers. With a legacy of cultivating a vast array of music scenes over its life as a music venue,the Mayans story goes way back all the way to 1927, when it was originally opened as a movie theater. The Mayans main stage stretches over 2 floors and has hosted some of the best DJ’s in the world over its 31 year span as a nightclub.

Avalon Hollywood

Found most nights – and days – pumping out music on Vine Street Hollywood, Avalon is a 24 hour 7 day a week superclub with lasers, LGBTQ nights and some of the world’s heaviest hitting lineups. A must-visit for dance music lovers staying at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel, the Avalon is another historic venue that dates all the way back to 1927 as the Hollywood Playhouse, when it hosted huge bands from the 20th century who have included The Beatles, just another reason for music-lovers to visit. 

Playhouse Nightclub

Found on Hollywood Boulevard, the Playhouse Nightclub is a quintessential mecca for hip hop. Here you’ll findThursday to Sunday lineups of weekly club nights and world-renowned live acts programmed regularly. 

Station 1640

As its name suggests, Station 1640 is a New York Subway themed club decorated with edgy street art and keeping the beat going with its 23 year-running Drum & Bass night Respect. 

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers is another Santa Monica Boulevard gem – it’s a long street – and was once a strip club that’s now regenerated into a bar and music venue. The eclectic mix of live music and DJs spans everything from Italo Disco to West Coast hip hop, making it a variety fuelled venue suitable to all music lovers.

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