Unmissable LA Sightseeing For Your Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

Unmissable LA Sightseeing For Your Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

California is a large state, larger than the whole of Great Britain in fact, and has a versatile landscape that makes it one of the best places in the country for a road trip. From desert canyons to lush redwood forests, the many national parks and beautiful panoramas make the state a perfect place to take a road trip. Guests of the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance will also benefit from easy routes out of Los Angeles via free to use highways such as the Pacific Coast Highway, or State Route One. 

The Pacific Coast Highway runs all the way from Orange County to Mendocino County, taking you past Los Angeles, San Francisco and some of the most beautiful landscapes in California. Furthermore, the Beach City Stretch takes you past Torrance, meaning that you can enjoy a Miyako Hybrid Hotel Breakfast to kick start your journey!

Below are some of the best attractions and landmarks in LA to see during a Pacific Coast road trip, introducing you to the cities, beaches and unique landmarks to inspire your Torrance honeymoon suite vacation. 

Dana Point

Situated roughly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, Dana Point is often cited as the whale watching capital of the west thanks to its terrific and clear skied views over the Pacific. On top of this, if you can stop by via car and park up at the surrounding beaches, you can enjoy surfing and fishing from the high rocky alcoves and clear, sandy dunes.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

A little out of the way of the Pacific Coast Highway but a must visit if you’re a guest of the best restaurants in Torrance is the Griffith Observatory. A perfect stop off just half an hour’s drive off the Highway, the Observatory provides the best views over Los Angeles as well as having its own free to visit science museum. The Observatory has its own planetarium as well, making it a detour, but one that’s worth it for those who want to drink in the Los Angeles sunset. 

Venice Beach

Easy to reach from the Miyako, a cruise along Venice Beach will help you sample the culture and color of Los Angeles. If you’re on the hunt for the weird and wonderful on your road trip, then Venice Beach is the perfect afternoon stop off for you. Watch the famous bodybuilders work out on Muscle Beach and hear the clap of skateboards at one of the most famous skateparks in the world. Wind down with a drink or food amidst vibrant street art and if you have time before you hit the road again, why not take a dip in the Pacific?

Point Mugu

Where the Santa Monica Mountains meet the coast of LA, Point Mugu reigns supreme as the prime nature reserve beach. As you leave LA, make sure to stop off at this reserve and admire Mugu Rock, a cape and salt marsh cove close to a Naval Base and primed for hiking and wildlife watching. 

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