Top Picks For An Unforgettable Summer In Torrance California

Top Picks For An Unforgettable Summer In Torrance California

Torrance can quite often be overlooked as a South Bay city in the district of California. Though there are many reasons for visiting this area of Southern Los Angeles, the lights and sounds of Hollywood and Downtown can overshadow quieter parts of the city. However, guests of the Miyako Hotel Torrance will be surprised at the scale of activities and attractions in the South Bay area.

Whether you’re staying at the Miyako for its Japanese restaurant California or you’re enjoying a honeymoon in Los Angeles, you needn’t look far for entertainment and culture in this beautiful area. This blog will highlight some of the diverse attractions in Torrance and how Torrance can elevate your summer vacation. 

Restaurants Of Torrance

Restaurants Of Torrance

Torrance has a great culture of restaurants and cuisine thanks to the large Japanese community that has settled here. Alongside the Miyako 3 star hotel in California’s Japanese restaurant, there are many options for dining in Torrance. These include the Korean BBQ House, King’s Hawaiian and Roman style pizza restaurant Giuliano’s to name just a few of the versatile cuisine offerings.

Torrance Beach

Situated between Palos Verdes Park and Redondo Beach, this Santa Monica Bay gem is a must for guests of California accommodation. With its refreshingly sparse build up of shops and beachfront buildings, the idyllic sand dunes and rolling waves make for a spacious spot for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. 

California Museum Of Fine Art

Like its multicultural locals, the California Museum of Fine Art is focused on contemporary and modern art from the international community. Open between Wednesdays and Saturdays, the museum can be found on the opposite side of Palos Verdes Park and also advertises regular workshops and lectures for art lovers in the area. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace

This cultural hub of Japanese wares is a focal point for the Asian community of Torrance. Enjoy not only supermarket ingredients from Japan, but electronic and cosmetic goods as well as a food court for your favorite katsus, tempura and noodle dishes. A must for foodies and Asian culture connoisseurs, the Mitsuwa Marketplace may be a chain in Japan, but it’s a hidden gem in Los Angeles. 

Chen Art Gallery

And keeping to the theme of Asia, the Chen Art Gallery draws the focus to China and its many creative endeavors. The Chen Art Gallery on Abalone Avenue is open Tuesday to Friday and is a not for profit organization that exhibits art and antiquities from China that draw on 5000 years of the country’s history. From Qing Dynasty throne rooms and interiors to Ming dynasty Buddhist artifacts, there’s nothing that tops this paean to Chinese culture in all of America.

Torrance walking Tours

Set up by the Torrance Historical Society, you can enjoy a walking tour of Torrance every 4th Sunday of the month. Wear comfy shoes because there’s a lot to see on this immersive tour of Torrance’s near 240 year history, including its Spanish ranch history, its real estate magnate roots and much more. 

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