Things to do for free in California

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And when we say free, we mean absolutely free. Because we completely understand. When you come to California there is so much to see and do but if you had to pay for everything then you might be left out of pocket. The good news is that there are so many free things to do in California, including right here in Torrance.

See what’s up in Torrance

If you plan on staying at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance then you’ll have plenty to go out and see. All for free! There are loads of beaches nearby, including Redondo Beach and Torrance County Beach, all of which will meet all of your beach needs. Fancy a splash in the sea or want to try your hand at watersports? Maybe you just want to play in the sand or get a tan. You can do all of that for free. Show up at the beach, make camp and enjoy.

When you’re feeling hungry, you don’t need to search for breakfast places in Torrance or exotic Japanese restaurants in California.  Simply head on over to the farmers market and take a look at what’s on offer. Obviously if you buy any food it won’t be free, but the picnic you have in one of the local parks or at the beach afterwards will be! 

One of the most popular free things to do in Torrance is visiting Hopkins Wilderness Park. Known for all its wild animals such as turtles and fish, it’s a great family affair that you can all enjoy for free. 

Exploring further afield

When you come to California, it’s not just California acommodation you’re looking for, it’s the freebies too. And as long as you’ve got some good transport you can find a lot of free things if you venture into other cities.

Want to explore the great outdoors? Then check out which national parks in California are free (it’s always worth looking before you go) and plan it around that. Then you can take in the views, go for a hike and enjoy everything these famous landmarks have to offer. Even better, take a hike in Griffith Park in LA and get the obligatory snapshot of Hollywood from the Griffith Observatory.

Want to see the landmarks? Get your car, your camera and get ready. Drive over to Sacramento and capture the State Capitol building. While there might be a toll to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, that doesn’t mean you can’t go nearby and just check out the breathtaking piece of architecture. After all, your pictures are going to be a lot better compared to actually being on the bridge.

Want to see live TV? And we mean actually live? Because there are lots of tickets available for you to go to a studio and see the recording of some of your favorite TV shows. Next time you watch it back you might even see yourself in the audience.

Want to see the stars? Chances are you might bump into a few celebrities during your stay but if you want to see the literal stars, then take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And of course look up and see the Hollywood sign too. It’s free and definitely something you have to do when visiting California.

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