What to Pack for a Trip to Los Angeles in the Winter

Winter Wear

Winter in Los Angeles can be surprisingly nippy. Temperatures can drop to the mid 50s and reach as high as the low 70s. On occasion it can rain non-stop for a few days, before brightening up with the winter sun and warmer temperatures. Pack carefully so the weather won’t catch you off guard by referring to our packing guide.


As the winter weather can be so changeable, keeping a reliable bundle of layers in your room at the Miyako Hotel Torrance CA is your safest bet. Bring a light sweater for the evenings, and have a rainproof jacket such as a light leather or puffer jacket for those inevitable winter showers.

Casual clothing – day time

Women might opt to bring leggings for practicality and comfort. If you prefer to wear dresses and skirts, don’t forget a couple of pairs of tights! Men generally stick to jeans rather than shorts during winter in LA, but if you have space you could chuck in a pair of shorts just in case! Exercise clothes are ideal for both as they’re comfortable, and it means you can drop into yoga class available at many 3-star hotels in California.

Casual clothing – night time

Unless you are coming to LA on business or plan to visit high-end restaurants, you will be able to get away with casual attire most of the time. LA locals tend to don shorts, tee-shirts and sneakers when they’re not working. Bring a smarter shirt, jeans and boots in case you do fancy going somewhere upmarket for an evening.

Swimming costume

swimming costume

Now realistically, you won’t be taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean at this time of year. However, if you want to take advantage of the winter deals on treatments at the Miyako Hotel Spa such as a Gan Ban Yoku (Hot Stone Spa) and the sauna and Jacuzzi, then be sure to pack your bathers!

Winter wetsuit


If you plan to surf in LA over the winter, bear in mind that the water will be extremely cold! Pack a thicker, winter appropriate wetsuit if you have one. Or, hire one from a surf shop – hotels in Torrance will be able to point you in the right direction.

Winter warmers

On the other hand, if you fancy hitting the Angeles National Forest slopes, bring your skiing staples along. Again, you can hire ski gear in LA, but you might want to pack your own beanie, scarf or gloves!

Sun protection

sun protection

Even during the winter you should keep covered up with SPF – the sun remains powerful. This applies particularly to those planning on engaging in outdoor sports or hiking. Pack a strong factor suncream, sunhat and pair of shades.

Hiking boots

hiking boots

If you plan to hike during winter on the lower mountain ranges surrounding LA, then bring a decent pair of hiking boots with good grips in case you do encounter snow and ice. For exploring the city and neighborhoods of LA, you’ll want your comfiest sneakers.   

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