Things To Do On Your Next Vacation In Torrance, CA

Things To Do On Your Next Vacation In Torrance, CA

LA is a vast city, with loads to offer visitors from all over the world. With its amazing climate, blue skies, sandy beaches and gorgeous oceans it pretty much seems like the perfect place for a getaway. If you’re looking for a break where you can enjoy amazing outdoor activities, or relax to the max in a stunning spa then LA has you covered.  

Some may be worried that LA is too busy and crowded, and in fairness this can be the case in some areas. There are places however that the crowds have not yet reached and peace remains- like Torrance, the coastal neighbourhood with heaps to offer anyone visiting. Book a room at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance, home to one of the Best Restaurants In Torrance and find out for yourself. Let’s take a look at the things you can enjoy during your stay. 

Torrance Beach 

Torrance Beach

Obviously the place to start for any holiday is the beach. And Torrance really delivers here; with over 40 acres of soft white sand to enjoy this beach will tick pretty much all of your boxes. The swimming is incredible in the clear water, and there are plenty of activities available on the beach itself. One of the preferred sports in the area is surfing, and once again Torrance is the place to be. With waves suited to all abilities depending on the day and forecast, you’ll be sure to catch a great ride. 

Jolly Oyster Market & Torrance Farmers Market

Grab a generous helping of Miyako Hybrid Hotel Breakfast, a delicious start to your day, then start thinking about dinner! Thanks to its immediate proximity to the ocean LA is famed for its fresh seafood- and Torrance is no exception to this. The Jolly Oyster Market is the place to go searching for the freshest, most delicious seafood, and of course incredible clams and oysters. 

Once you’ve sourced your shellfish you’ll have the rest of your ingredients for an amazing feast, so head to the quaint farmers market. You’ll find beautiful veggies, meats and breads, as well as some delicious baked treats for the road! 

Del Amo Fashion Center 

If you fancy some retail therapy, perhaps the best way to destress, then head over to the Del Amo Fashion Center. Home to over 200 vendors and stores, they will pretty much have everything you need. From international fashion brands, to home furnishings and great street food; this is the place to shop. 

Torrance Promenade 

One of the highlights of Torrance is without a doubt the promenade. Recently remodeled and updated to suit modern standards, the promenade is the perfect place to finish a relaxing day. With excellent views, amazing bars, restaurants and cafes you can sit and enjoy the sunset. Take a stroll on the beach and maybe think about returning to your Torrance Honeymoon Suite for a hot stone massage. 

So there you have a quick look at the best things to do in Torrance. If none of these catch your fancy, then perhaps a spot of golf? Or a day spent cycling the coastal path? Maybe some windsurfing? Whatever you fancy, Torrence has you covered, so get out there and explore!  

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