How to Actually Relax on Vacation


Sometimes, when you’re on vacation, you may find that you are there in body but not in mind. If you’re still connected to your work life or fretting about things you need to do when you get back home, you’re not relaxing. Follow our easy tips to ensure that you actually relax this vacation – you’ll return home feeling much more refreshed.

1) Take your time

Avoid over-packing your days with itineraries and having a strict agenda whilst on vacation. Give yourself space to be spontaneous. Of course, you will want to explore your destination – but take it slowly and avoid rushing around. Linger over breakfast. Cherrypick the museums that most appeal to you rather than frantically trying to cram everything in. Take a long, scenic road trip beautiful Los Angeles countryside that the Miyako Hotel calls home without watching the clock.

2) Put your phone down

put phone down

This one is always easier said than done, but do try to take a break from your smartphone whilst you’re on vacation. As well as switching off from your work emails, take a break from scrolling though apps and social media feeds. Focus on spending quality time with loved ones, finding some solitude at your California accommodation or finally getting around to that book you bought months ago. What was supposed to be a quick glance always escalates, so consider putting your phone on airplane mode or temporarily removing those addictive apps.

3) Soothe your body and your mind

One of the easiest, and certainly one of the most enjoyable, ways to kickstart your relaxation is sometimes to dive right in with a spa session! Indulge in a full body massage, revitalising facial or any other treatment that takes your fancy at your local Torrance spa. A mere hour later, you will feel rejuvenated, restored and utterly relaxed. A massage, for example, can work wonders by relieving muscle tension, easing stress and improving the quality of your sleep.

4) Let someone else cook


One of the purest joys of your vacation is not having to cook! You can use the time it usually takes to go to the grocery store, prep and cook the meal to wind down, knowing that your exotic dinner is being expertly whipped up. The Miyako Hotel Torrance restaurant willtake you on a culinary adventure through Japan with contemporary plates and professionally fashioned sushi. And of course, there’s no washing up involved!

5) Do something active

We’re not saying hit the gym every day or run a 10k, but starting your day with some light exercise such as gentle stretches in your hotel room or a brief jog through the neighborhood will boost your mood and get your blood sugar levels in check, contributing to a more relaxed state of well-being. Alternatively, you could use your vacation to give a new sport a go. Right on the doorstep of your accommodation in California you can find surfing, sailing or the only Hot Stone Yoga in the US!

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