Exploring California on a budget

Los Angeles

California has a lot to explore. A lot. But trying to fit everything in can be quite expensive. It doesn’t have to be though, especially when the experts here at Miyako Hotel Torrance CA have put together some handy tips on how you can enjoy the wonderful state, explore the cities and see some of the best things California has to offer, all for free or at very affordable prices. 

Plan in advance

This is perhaps the single most important thing if you plan on fitting in a lot when you come to California. Searching for 3 star hotels California is a great way to find great offers and discounts on hotels. But it doesn’t end there. Big attractions and tours will cost money too, but if you book in advance then it’s likely you’ll be able to get them at a cheaper price so search engines are your friend. As well as getting tickets for cheaper, you can book into certain restaurants in advance too, so you won’t have to spend time looking for somewhere to eat. By mapping out a plan of everything you want to see and do, you’ll be able to fit it all in when you do finally arrive in California. You could go out for a hike or a trip to the beach and then relax with a treatment at the Miyako Hotel Spa, because you’d have planned for it. Sounds nice, right?

Stay at the right place


The best way to go out and explore California is by finding the right place to stay, at the right place. It’s usually better to stay out of the main cities, like Los Angeles, as you’re more likely to pay much higher prices. However if you look at hotels near Los Angeles Convention Center or more relaxed places like spa hotels in Los Angeles, you might find something cheaper and more interesting. Though if you want to really save on the dollar count then staying somewhere like Torrance, which has easy access to the main cities, is advisable. It’s a lot cheaper to just travel in.

Once you’ve established somewhere to stay (and don’t forget to look up special offers!), you can plan each day’s activity. Maybe you just want to stay in and relax. Perhaps you want to go into one of the big cities or even further towards the National Parks. Wherever you go, at least you’ll have somewhere comfortable to come back to.

A free day at the beach

venice beach

California is famous for its stretching coastline and its sandy beaches, both of which you can enjoy. If you’re up for a drive then take to the highway and enjoy a scenic route from the bottom of California up towards and around to Malibu. It’s an amazing view. More importantly, why not enjoy the many beaches that California has to offer? You could head over to Redondo Beach and enjoy some sand, sea and surf. Or you could go on that trip along the coast and try out the famous Malibu beaches. They may look like they’re privately owned, but they’re not. Which means there’s a chance you could get a beach to yourself if you find the right access point. Then there’s the iconic Venice Beach, known for its bohemian style, impressive skatepark and muscle bound gym experts at Muscle Beach. You can enjoy all of that for free.

Celebrity spotting

It’s where your dreams can come true. Well, for some people it has. But we’re hoping that you’re coming to California to enjoy everything it has to offer, rather than live out your dream of becoming an actor. That’s a story for another day. But that’s not to say that celebrities and LA don’t go hand in hand. Because they do. Which means that there’s always the chance you could see a celebrity when you’re out and about. Even if you’re just engaged in another activity, you never know who you could see. But if you really want to go celebrity spotting, you can do that on a budget. You don’t have to book on a special sightseeing tour, with the hope of seeing a celeb checking their mail outside their Malibu mansion. Nope, instead you could just head over to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA. For all you know, there could be someone famous getting their handprints done right there and then! You could also see them at the beach and any trendy restaurant or wine bar. Alternatively if you see a group of paparazzi, then you know they’re probably waiting to catch a celebrity too!

While heading to the Walk of Fame is free to do (and fun), don’t limit yourself to seeing the stars on the sidewalk. You should check out the iconic Hollywood sign too. You’ll be able to see it from most places but combine a nice walk around Griffith Park, head to the Observatory and you’ll be able to get some awesome views.

Eat internationally

japanese food

Of course you can enjoy a Japanese restaurant Torrance has plenty and no doubt you’ll walk away with a full belly and smile. But you don’t have to go for high end dining, especially if you’re on a budget. Venture into Chinatown or Japantown and you can get some street food for cheap. Authentic cuisine at its best! Famed for its multicultural eateries, you’ll be able to find different cuisines from many different cultures in California, but if you’re looking to save on cash then explore all the exotic street food available.

The Golden Gate Bridge from afar

golden gate bridge

Like many attractions and landmarks, you don’t have to pay to see it. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is perhaps the journey there, but if you’ve planned accordingly, you can combine different things to do all in one day. So head up towards San Francisco and stop just beforehand to take in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

California is made for exploring and there are loads of free events happening. Look them up – festivals, music concerts, theatres – and enjoy them all for free. And when you plan it right, you’ll be able to explore so much more on a budget.

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