5 Essential Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

Hiking Trail

If you are heading to the City of Angels and fancy a break from the city sights then strap on your hiking boots and give your lungs a blast of fresh air with one of the top 5 essential hiking trails in Los Angeles!

1)   Switzer Falls Trail

Switzer Falls Trail

4 miles, 2-3 hours

You can access the trail to the Switzer Falls from the scenic Angeles Crest Highway. The hike to the waterfall is moderate. On the whole it’s not too challenging, but be prepared to scramble in a few places and take care in case the track is slippery. This short but extremely beautiful hike is very popular with families. Banish any aches by checking into one of the spa hotels in Los Angeles for a rewarding massage afterwards.

2)   Charlie Turner Trailhead

Charlie Turner Trailhead

3 miles, 90 minutes

This trail takes you through Griffith Park and summits at the top of Mount Hollywood, so as you might be able to guess, you’re in for some sensational views of LA. You’ll see the LA basin and get a clear shot of the Hollywood sign. Begin the hike at the Observatory parking lot, and for the best experience, hike in the late afternoon so that you can catch the sunset and see LA lit up by night. If you are staying in hotels near the Los Angeles Convention Center, any of the hikes in Griffith Park are easily accessible!

3)   The Bridge of Nowhere

The Bridge of Nowhere

10 miles, 6-7 hours

In the rocky San Gabriel Mountains, this trail follows the San Gabriel River to reach the remains of a bridge which was abandoned in the 1930’s due to a flood. The hike is extremely scenic, suitable for most levels of fitness and is well worth it to check out this iconic structure. Do leave early as during stretches of the hike you will be exposed to the blazing sun.

4)   Devil’s Punchbowl

Devil’s Punchbowl

8 miles, 4-6 hours

In the northern reaches of the San Gabriel mountains, this hike takes you through a Martian landscape of desert rocks, Joshua trees and the Devil’s Chair rock formation. It’s suitable for most levels of fitness and it is spectacular during winter when it snows. Be careful in summer when the sun is strong. You’ll be amazed that this geological wonder exists mere miles away from your Los Angeles business hotels.

5)   Mount Baldy (Mount San Antonio)

Mount Baldy (Mount San Antonio)

11 miles, 7-8 hours

The most difficult hike on our list takes you to the highest point in Los Angeles, surpassing 10,064 feet. Nicknamed Mount ‘Baldy’ for the treeless face of the Baldy Bowl, the peak is found within the eastern Angeles National Forest. The hike gains 4,000 feet of elevation and offers some truly heart-stopping panoramas from the Pacific to the Mojave Desert. Avoid this one during bad weather, and be sure to begin hiking early. Make sure you have an appointment at one of the best spas in California the day after this one!

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